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Atomy, a renowned multi-level marketing platform, offers a lucrative compensation plan for individuals seeking a passive income source. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Atomy compensation plan, which has proven to be a promising business opportunity for many.

Atomy has been successful in expanding its networks both nationally and internationally by focusing on two key criteria:

  1. The Products: Absolute quality and affordable pricing
  2. The success of consumers and trust

This trust fosters a strong bond between the company and its consumer. Owing to this trust, each member takes pride in introducing Atomy and its products to others, be it their family members, friends or colleagues. In return, as a token of gratitude towards these loyal users, Atomy has established a compensation system that allows the conversion of these members’ purchases into commissions, income, bonuses, and rewards.

Understanding the Atomy Business Model

Atomy operates as an online multi-level marketing platform that distributes daily necessity products. The range of products spans across different sectors, including health care, beauty, personal care, daily care, and food. The company stands by its philosophy of providing mass prestige products, i.e., high-quality products at absolute prices.

Atomy Membership: A Gateway to Passive Income

Atomy offers a free membership that doesn’t require any monthly or annual maintenance fee, nor a compulsory monthly purchase. This approach makes Atomy’s business opportunity accessible to anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

The Atomy Point System: Convert your daily expenses into passive income

The Atomy compensation plan operates based on a point system. Members can generate Personal Point Value (PPV) through their purchases, which accumulate over a lifetime. The Group Point Value (GPV) is generated from purchases made by your team.

Atomy’s mission is to empower households to maximize the benefits from high-quality products at the best prices while earning rewards for these purchases. By spending daily on everyday products such as skincare, body care, soap, laundry, among others, you earn points (PV), which are allocated to each product. You also gain points when people you have sponsored make purchases, known as group PV.

Accumulation of Group Point Value (GPV)

Atomy ensures an unlimited accumulation of GPV for all members. The GPV of both the left and right segments of your team will continuously accumulate over time, irrespective of the sales volume.

How to generate income with atomy

Generating income with Atomy: 3 key steps


2- USE


Atomy Registration:

By creating a customer loyalty account and becoming a professional member of Atomy, the brand gives you the opportunity to generate income and planning your career.

Use Atomy products

Become an expert consumer: Simply hearing others talk about it is not enough. Real understanding of the product quality comes only from using the brand’s products. In this way, you will have confidence to present the products to other people.

Recommend Atomy products

Your enjoyment from using Atomy products will undoubtedly prompt you to speak about the brand spontaneously. This act of sharing is the first step in your entrepreneurial journey with Atomy.

Engage with those in your circle about it. Share your thoughts on Atomy’s offerings and suggest them to people you know. They are equally entitled to experience high-quality products. The more you disseminate this information, the more affiliate referrals you’ll be able to secure. You can effortlessly accomplish this with anyone, at any location, and at any time – whether you’re in a park, out on a picnic, or during a family gathering.

Overview of Commission Shares

Atomy compensation plan

Atomy designates 35% of its global sales, which equates to 70% of its profits, to reward eligible members as per their marketing strategy. Atomy allocates a significant portion of the total sales volume for commissions and bonuses. The distribution is as follows:

  • General Commissions: 44%
  • Master Bonus: 20%
  • Incentive gifts
  • Education Center Expenses: 6%

Dealer Categories at Atomy

Atomy compensation plan

Atomy has defined specific dealer categories based on the total purchase volume and the commission level received from the company.

  1. Sales Representative: Accumulation of 10,000 – 299,999 PPV.
  2. Agent: Minimum accumulation of 300,000 VP or being a Sales Representative with a smaller segment of at least 600,000 VP accumulated in the previous month.
  3. Special Agent: Minimum accumulation of 700,000 VP or being an Agent with a smaller segment of at least 1.4 million VP accumulated in the previous month.
  4. Dealer: Minimum accumulation of 1.5 million VP or being a Special Agent with a smaller segment of at least 3 million VP accumulated in the previous month.
  5. Exclusive Distributor (E.D): Minimum accumulation of 2.4 million VP or being a Dealer with a smaller segment of at least 4.8 million VP accumulated in the previous month.

General Commission

Atomy compensation plan

The general commission is paid based on the points you have earned. The highest number of points you can earn per day is 300 points. These points are calculated daily, and the general commission is paid weekly.

Atomy compensation plan

Master Bonus

The master bonus is a percentage of the total VP distributed equally among the masters of various ranks – Sales Master, Diamond Master, Sharon-Rose Master, Star Master, Royal Master, Crown Master and Imperial Master.

Master Promotion and Incentives

In addition to the regular commissions, Atomy also offers various incentives and bonuses on achieving specific milestones in the business.

Make money with Atomy MLM

The Atomy compensation plan is a well-structured and balanced approach to multi-level marketing, providing a fair and rewarding business opportunity for everyone. With its focus on ethical marketing, it ensures that everyone involved in the Atomy network marketing has an equal opportunity to earn passive income.

For more details on Atomy and its rewarding business model, feel free to contact us or follow us on social media. We are always happy to help you understand how you can transform your life with the Atomy business opportunity.

Remember, the key to success in any business is understanding the business model and working diligently towards your goals. The Atomy compensation plan is a stepping stone to your financial freedom. Start today and reap the rewards tomorrow.

Atomy registration

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