HemoHIM: A natural treasure to strengthen your immune system

In this blog, I’m introducing you to the top-selling dietary supplement from Atomy: HemoHIM. Since 2012, HemoHIM has been the individually approved functional supplement with the highest sales in South Korea, garnering a total revenue of over 800 million US dollars since its inception in 2009. The reason my family stumbled upon Atomy is due to this product. My mother, suffering from chronic fatigue and age-related ailments, had tried just about everything. Fortunately, a friend introduced her to Hemohim, and after taking it consistently, she was able to regain her energy and quality of life. Today, I will walk you through the story, operation, and benefits of this patented and unique product that you won’t find anywhere else in the market.

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What is HemoHIM?

HemoHIM, a product birthed from a South Korean government project by the Korean Atomic Energy Institute (KAERI) in 1997, was designed to aid scientists in combatting daily radiation exposure. After eight years of intensive research, KAERI patented natural herbal-based ingredients that significantly boosted the human body’s innate immune system. HemoHIM is renowned for stimulating and regulating blood production while oxygenating the body. It’s an innovative dietary supplement, crafted from 100% natural ingredients. This unique product is developed using three specific medicinal herbs: Angelica gigas, Cnidium officinale, and Paeonia lactiflora. These three plants, when combined with advanced biological technology and radiation, result in a potent product capable of enhancing the immune system.

Hemohim’s 3 main ingredients are grown in South Korea.

What does HemoHIM mean?

In an interview with Dr. Sung-Kee Jo, the immunobiology specialist who led the development of HemoHIM, described it as a booster that helps activate the immune function of hematopoiesis and tissue regeneration in the human body.

  • Hemo therefore means Hemoglobin
  • H stands for Hematopoiesis (the production of blood cells)
  • I: Immunity
  • M: Modulation

 •  (HIM) also means strength in Korean.

Proper functioning of hematopoiesis is the basis of a healthy immune system. HemoHIM has been clinically tested and proven to strengthen the immune system.

The effectiveness of HemoHIM

The advantages and benefits of this product are boundless. Indeed, it’s a completely natural herbal supplement that is essential for your health. It strengthens your immune system like no other supplement, and you’ll see results from the first pack. It enhances and invigorates all your bodily functions, enabling you to better combat chronic diseases. It’s a worthwhile investment for your health with guaranteed results.

HemoHIM can restore balance in our body, ensuring that the functions of our immune system are neither weak nor overly active. It boosts the function of natural killer cells, NK cells, which are immune cells that eliminate harmful cells in our body. Using the metaphor of our army, they’re akin to tanks aiding T and B cells in defending our body against infections.

HemoHIM also increases red blood cell production, which creates an oxygen-rich environment where harmful cells cannot survive. This international project took eight years to develop as a functional biodefense food against radiation.

Among its many benefits, we include:

  • Activation of NK cells: These immune cells, produced in the bone marrow, are responsible for the destruction of cells harmful to the body. They are particularly capable of destroying cancer cells.
  • Improved cytokine production: These cells play a central role in the immune system.
  • Strengthening the immune system: HemoHIM helps strengthen the immune system, thus improving the body’s defense capacity.

How Does Our Immune System Work?

To fully grasp how HemoHIM aids in strengthening the immune system, it’s crucial to understand how our immunity operates. Our immune system serves as our shield against the constant onslaught of bacteria that invade our bodies through our lungs and gut, for instance. Without the immune system at work, we would all succumb to illness within minutes or hours. Thankfully, our immune system provides round-the-clock protection. The immune system can be likened to an army: The T lymphocytes or T cells act as the commanding officer, the B lymphocytes or B cells serve as the officers, while the micro phagocytes perform the role of soldiers.

Natural killer cells: NK

Function: These immune cells have the ability to identify and eliminate the body’s cells that have been infected by a pathogen. Natural killer cells also have the potential to identify and annihilate tumor cells.

Disease: Individuals with a deficiency in natural killer cells, typically due to an inherited immune disorder, may be more vulnerable to certain viruses.

Location: Natural killer cells, or NK cells, are found in the blood and have the capability to relocate to other tissues to seek out targets. (Source: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)

B cells produce antibodies

Function: B cells are responsible for the production of proteins known as antibodies, which selectively bind to antigens. These antigens include any substance that triggers an immune response, including parts of a pathogen. Antibodies combat infections by blocking the pathogens’ ability to invade host cells and signaling for the pathogen’s destruction. Each B cell produces a unique antibody, and collectively, all B cells in the body form a collection of antibodies that can bind to a variety of targets.

Disease: Due to the vital role B cells and antibodies play in the immune system, the absence of B cells in inherited diseases such as Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) can make individuals extremely susceptible to infections. B cells also play a role in allergies when they produce antibodies against substances that the body should not reject, like peanut proteins or tree pollen.

Location: B cells originate from bone marrow and circulate in the blood, but spend most of their life cycle in the lymphatic system. This is why they are also called B lymphocytes. (Source: National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases)

T cells trigger an immune response

Function: T cells are responsible for recognizing antigens – substances that trigger an immune response – that the body has previously encountered. However, in contrast to another immune cell known as a B cell, T lymphocytes do not produce antibodies, in other words, proteins that match specific antigens and assist in combating infection. Instead, certain T lymphocytes aid B lymphocytes in producing antibodies while others directly kill an infected or cancerous cell. T lymphocytes also play a role in preventing the immune response from improperly attacking the host’s normal cells.

The disease: An individual with a deficient number of T lymphocytes, such as a person who has developed AIDS due to an uncontrolled HIV infection, may be more susceptible to infections and certain types of cancer.

Location: T cells come from the bone marrow and specialize in the thymus, a small organ located just under the plastron. They then circulate between the bloodstream and the lymphatic system and also patrol the tissues. T cells are also called Tlymphocytes.

The Cambridge University film captures the behavior of cytotoxic T lymphocytes – the body’s “serial killers” – as they hunt down and eliminate cancer cells before moving on to their next target.

Can HemoHIM Fight Covid 19?

Before we answer the question at hand, let’s jointly explore the clinical progression and the risk factors associated with mortality in adult patients hospitalized with Covid-19 in Wuhan, China: A retrospective cohort study. The Lancet, March 11, 2020.

  • High Blood Pressure (48%)
  • Diabetes (31%)
  • Coronary Disease (24%)
  • Lung Disease (7%)
  • Kidney Disease (4%)
  • Other Diseases (20%)
  • 70% of fatalities were males between the age of 63 and 76.

his research illustrates that these high-risk groups tend to have weaker immunity and are less likely to recover from Covid-19 compared to those with a robust immune system.

HemoHIM is not a cure for Covid-19, but it can enhance the fight against these infections by activating NK cells, the immune cells to boost the defense system. So, let’s strengthen our immune system by taking HemoHIM.

Who Should Take HemoHIM? The benefits

The benefits of HemoHIM are manifold and it can be consumed by anyone looking to enhance their immune system or overall health. It’s perfect for:

  • Individuals working long hours,
  • Students needing to stay awake for their studies,
  • Elderly people requiring more energy,
  • Athletes expending a lot of energy,
  • Exhausted homemakers. …and so on.

HemoHIM can also improve the health of individuals suffering from issues such as: High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Allergies, Cancers, Constant cold, Arthritis WIH, Gout, Irregular monthly cycle, Chronic inflammatory activities. Over the last decade, sales have expanded globally as an increasing number of people realize the benefits of regular dietary supplement intake. Moreover, with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for HemoHIM has significantly surged.

HemoHIM is US FDA Approved and Halal Certified

The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has granted HemoHIM the status of a class 1 individual health food. This individual approval signifies that there was no pre-existing category suitable for this product, necessitating the creation of a new standard. Therefore, HemoHIM has set the benchmark for immune-boosting products as it is the first to receive individual certification, reinforcing its credibility and effectiveness. It holds numerous patents related to immunity across various countries worldwide. It has also secured approval from the US FDA and has been certified as Halal. Extensive evidence-based research articles further substantiate its efficacy, all of which can be found on the U.S National Institutes of Health’s governmental website. Don’t miss out on exploring it at www.nih.gov. (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)

Ongoing Research

HemoHIM is persistently exploring the novel functional effects of Angelica Gigas and other components. In 2019, the material development team at Komar bnh demonstrated that Angelica Gigas, along with other ingredients, offers protection against liver damage and enhances liver function. Their findings were published in an international academic journal.

How to Take HemoHIM?

Inside the box, you’ll find 60 pouches, each containing 20ml of a syrup-like liquid solution. Each pouch comes with a perforated line at the top. You can tear this open and directly consume the liquid or you can pour it into a glass and mix it with water for consumption. Currently, a box comes with 60 pouches. It is recommended to take two of these daily, which means one box will last you a month. And all this comes at an affordable price of just 92 dollars. HemoHIM is a unique health supplement that’s been crafted using natural plants and ingredients. It was developed in response to concerns about exposure to radiation. This supplement acts as a radiation and antioxidant health supplement that aids in balancing your immune system. We all know that our immune system plays a pivotal role in maintaining our health. The saying ‘Health is true wealth’ holds more truth today than ever. Start consuming it today to stay healthy every day.

Where and how to buy it?

Atomy operates on a direct selling model. You can only purchase their products from their official websites specific to each country. To do this, you need to create a customer account and have a sponsor. Registration is completely free of cost. As of 2023, the product is not yet available on the European site. However, it’s expected to be launched at the beginning of 2024.


How To Open A Customer Account With Atomy?

European Website: https://shop.atomy.com/eu/

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